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1. University

1.1 Founding of the University and History of Academic Development

1.2 University Governance

2. Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

2.1 Academic Council Professoriate: The Tenure Line

2.2 Academic Council Professoriate: The Non-Tenure Line

2.3 Senior Fellows and Center Fellows in Designated Policy Centers and Institutes

2.4 Medical Center Line Professoriate

2.5 Extending Term Appointments 

2.6 Special Appointment Designations and Considerations 

2.7 Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Procedures

2.8 Additional Policies 

3. Sabbaticals and Other Leaves of Absence

3.1 General Policies Applicable to Leaves and Other Absences From Campus

3.2 Sabbatical Leave

3.3 Leave Without Salary

3.4 Period of Pure Research Leave

3.5 Family and Medical Leave Policy

4. Core Policy Statements

4.1 Statement on Faculty Appeal Procedures

4.2 Statement on Academic Freedom

4.3 Statement on Faculty Discipline

4.4 Statement on Appointment and Tenure

5. Salary, Benefits and Retirement

5.1 Compensation

5.2 Benefits

5.3 Retirement

6. Appointments Policies and Procedures for Academic Staff-Teaching

6.1 Terms of Appointment

6.2 Procedures for Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

6.3 Prior notice of non-renewal and termination

7. Leave Policies for Academic Staff-Teaching

7.1 Professional Development Leave Program for Senior Lecturers

7.2 Family and Medical Leave (approved by the Provost, January, 1995)

8. Core Policy Statements for Academic Staff-Teaching

8.1 Statement on Academic Freedom

8.2 Grievance Procedures for the Academic Staff at Stanford University

9. Other Teaching Titles

9.1 Titles

9.2 Procedures for Appointments and Reappointments

9.3 Policies