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9.2.1 Procedures

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
Formerly Known As Policy Number: 

The form, "Recommendation for Teaching Appointment, Academic and Other Teaching Staff" should be used for all teaching appointments of individuals to these titles. The recommendation should note the circumstances which warrant the appointment. If the candidate is substituting for a faculty member on leave, the name and leave status of that faculty member must be included. If the candidate is recommended for an interim appointment while a search is ongoing to fill a faculty billet, the recommendation should note the position.

Further, the recommendation should provide information on the specific responsibilities of the candidate beyond teaching. All recommendations should briefly discuss available evidence of the candidate’s teaching ability. Finally, the recommendation should explain how the candidate and his or her qualifications came to the notice of the department. 

When an individual is proposed for reappointment, whether salaried or nonsalaried, the department or school must submit a new recommendation form rather than a memorandum of reappointment. If the reappointment is for more than one year, or if the candidate will have served for three years during which time no evaluation of teaching effectiveness has been presented, the recommendation should discuss evidence to date of the candidate’s teaching. In most instances, however, the renewal recommendation may simply refer to the original appointment form and need merely update the record (e.g., visa status, current outside employment, future courses, etc.)