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9.1.6 Professor of the Practice

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
Formerly Known As Policy Number: 

This position is appropriate for exceptional practitioners in business and other professions to whom the University wishes to extend a title that conveys a closer tie and longer term commitment than that of Adjunct Professor. Appointments to this position will be relatively rare. Candidates for Professor of the Practice shall have terminal degrees in disciplines related to the school’s programs or equivalent professional experience and shall have achieved exceptional distinction as practitioners in such disciplines.  If the candidate will have a primary assignment as an instructor, he or she also must have demonstrated evidence of effective teaching ability.

Professors of the Practice are generally expected to devote a substantial portion of their professional life to the school. This title is not appropriate for individuals who may meet the qualifications but only teach a single course per year.  Individuals appointed to this position may not hold academic positions to which they would be returning or positions in business or the professions which would continue full time during the Stanford appointment. An individual may be on leave from a position for the duration of the Stanford appointment. This title is not appropriate for individuals whose profession is or has been primarily academic.

Involvement in departmental or school activities will vary according to the programmatic need and policies of the particular unit. Persons holding this title may have full charge and responsibility for a departmental course for undergraduate majors. They may teach graduate seminars; however, they may not direct graduate research or be principal advisors on masters or doctoral theses. They are not eligible to act as principal investigators on sponsored research projects.

Appointments may be for terms of up to five years and are renewable. Appointments may be terminated for just cause, when satisfactory performance ceases or for programmatic reasons, including budgetary considerations. Professors of the Practice are considered full-time when they work for 3 consecutive quarters (i.e., autumn, winter, spring). Professors of the Practice may apply for leave without salary. Such leaves must be reviewed for approval by the individual’s dean.

The Provost shall make such appointments to this position in consultation with the Advisory Board. A school may recommend an individual to the Provost by submitting a letter from the dean with the individual’s CV. The recommendation should provide information on the specific responsibilities intended for the candidate and should discuss the evidence of the candidate’s qualifications for the position. Reappointments shall be made through the same process.