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9. Other Teaching Titles: Acting, Visiting, Adjunct, By Courtesy, and Voluntary Clinical Appointments

The titles described in this chapter are used for the appointment of individuals to positions that are generally of a limited duration in order to perform teaching services on campus. Academic Staff-Teaching or Other Teaching Staff appointments are not appropriate for individuals who give a lecture or a series of lectures. Such individuals are Guest Speakers and should not have a formal appointment. 

Persons holding these titles are not members of the Academic Council, the Medical Center Line, or the Academic Staff, nor do they accrue time toward tenure by length of service. There are significant variations in the circumstances under which individuals qualify for and secure appointments to these ranks. The length of term may vary from one quarter to one year and may be renewable; individuals may serve at full or part-time, with or without salary. The appointment process may vary according to school practice; however, department chairs are responsible for confirming that: a candidate meets the qualifications for the appointment; signs a written offer letter and completes any requisite training.

All individuals who teach a course for credit at Stanford University must have a professorial appointment or an Academic Staff-Teaching or Other Teaching appointment approved for the quarter or term in which the course is offered. This policy applies to other Stanford employees, such as administrators, who engage in teaching activities.