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8.2.2 Grievance Structure

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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A. The Grievance Structure consists of an Administrative Structure.

B. The Administrative Structure includes, in order and as applicable, the following administrative officers of the University: head of administrative unit; department chair; dean of school; Provost and President.

C. The President shall devise a set of standing rules of procedure which will govern proceedings for the filing and appeal of grievances in the Administrative Structure, provided that:

1. The set of standing rules of procedure, and any amendments thereof, shall be valid upon promulgation;

2. The rules shall provide that any communication or material solicited and received with the understanding that it would be kept in confidence shall be kept confidential and shall not be revealed to any person, including the grievant, who was not a party to the confidential communication or material, except that such communication or material may be revealed to any person(s) consulted by the administrative officer for guidance on that grievance.