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A. Grievance. A grievance is a complaint in writing made to an administrative officer of the University concerning a decision, made by a person or group of persons acting in an official University capacity, that directly or adversely affects the grievant as an individual in his or her professional academic capacity. A grievance does not include dissatisfaction with a University policy of general application challenged on the ground that the policy is unfair or inadvisable.
A. The Grievance Structure consists of an Administrative Structure. B. The Administrative Structure includes, in order and as applicable, the following administrative officers of the University: head of administrative unit; department chair; dean of school; Provost and President. C. The President shall devise a set of standing rules of procedure which will govern proceedings for the filing and appeal of grievances in the Administrative Structure, provided that:
A. Filing of Grievance. 1. A grievance arising out of a decision at the administrative unit or department level shall be filed with the dean of the school. 2. A grievance arising out of a decision at the dean’s level shall be filed with the Provost. 3. A grievance arising out of a decision at the Provost’s level shall be filed with the President.
A. A grievant who is dissatisfied with the disposition of the grievance by the administrative officer with whom the grievance was filed may appeal the decision in order to each of the higher administrative officers within the Administrative Structure as follows: 1. For a grievance filed with and decided by the dean, a grievant may appeal the decision in writing to the Provost. The Provost will follow the procedure for appeals set forth in Sections IV(D) and (E) and V below.
A. The review of a grievance or of an appeal by the dean, the Provost or the President shall usually be limited to the following considerations: 1. Were the proper facts and criteria brought to bear on the decision? Were improper or extraneous facts or criteria brought to bear that substantially affected the decision to the detriment of the grievant? 2. Were there any procedural irregularities that substantially affected the outcome of the matter to the detriment of the grievant?