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7.2.1 Maternity Leave

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Law allows for leave of up to four months due to medically certified, pregnancy-related disability. During Maternity Leave, the lecturer remains on the regular Stanford payroll at full salary, but she is expected to apply for Short-Term Disability Insurance according to established procedures. (Specific instructions are available at University HR Disability and Leave Services and should also be available in department and dean’s offices.) The length of Maternity Leave is determined by the lecturer’s physician, who certifies the number of weeks that she is disabled, both before and after delivery. All disability checks must be endorsed back to her department. Although the disability payments do not cover the full amount of the lecturer’s salary, they partially reimburse the University account that supports it. 

To be eligible for Maternity Leave, a lecturer must be benefits eligible - that is, she must have worked at Stanford for at least six months at 50% time or more for the period preceding the leave. Maternity Leave does not extend the term of the current appointment.