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Senior Lecturers are eligible for professional development leave with salary beginning January 1, 2002. The purpose of this program is to enable them to pursue projects or other activities that will enhance their teaching-related activities at Stanford. The length of professional development leave is one quarter at 100% salary after 10 years of service (30 quarters or 20 semesters) or one quarter at 50% salary after 5 years of service (15 quarters or 10 semesters).

Professional development leave is not automatic; it requires approval by the program director or department chair as well as the school dean. Programmatic need may affect the timing of such leaves. For instance, the schedule of professional development leaves in programs that have a number of senior lecturers will take into account the teaching needs of the program as well as the professional development plans of the senior lecturers. 

Under normal circumstances professional development leaves are expected to be of one quarter’s duration, even when a senior lecturer has sufficient accrual for more than one quarter of leave. In these instances, the senior lecturer should work with his or her program director or department chair to develop a mutually satisfactory plan for taking professional development leave over a period of several years. The Application for Leave of Absence is provided in Appendix AA.

Salary is provided during the professional development leave to make it financially possible for a senior lecturer to carry out his or her professional development leave activities. Total compensation during the leave should not normally exceed the senior lecturer’s full-time Stanford base salary for the leave period.

Service at the rank of Senior Lecturer at Stanford counts toward professional development leave eligibility. Time spent on leave or disability is normally excluded in calculating professional development leave eligibility. Professional development leave eligibility may be accrued on a pro rata basis by regular part-time service at 50% time or more, under the same conditions of eligibility as applied to full-time service.

A senior lecturer is expected to serve at Stanford for a period of time comparable to the period of professional development leave following completion of the leave. Professional development leave should not normally be a terminal extension of a regular term appointment. Under usual circumstances, professional development leave may not be taken immediately preceding retirement.