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6.2 Procedures for Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions

Appointment recommendations for Lecturers and term appointments of Senior Lecturers are approved by the Provost or her designate. Promotions to or appointments of Senior Lecturers for continuing terms are reviewed by the Provost and the Chair of the Advisory Board and approved by the President. Appointments of Artists-in-Residence are approved by the Provost and reported to the Advisory Board and President.

The Appendix D form, “Recommendation for Teaching Appointment, Lecturers and Other Teaching Staff” should be used for teaching appointments of Lecturers; Visiting, Consulting, and Clinical Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors; Acting, Visiting and Clinical Instructors; and appointments (By courtesy). For appointments of Senior Lecturers or Artists-in-Residence, use the Appendix E form, “Recommendation for Appointment as Senior Lecturer or Artist-in-Resident.”

There are significant variations in the circumstances under which individuals qualify for and secure appointments in the Academic Staff-Teaching ranks. The length of term may vary from one quarter to continuing term; individuals may serve at part-time or full-time, with or without salary. The recommendation procedure and form are designed to insure that an appointee is qualified for his or her specific role, as well as to provide departments, schools, and the Provost with information concerning the specific circumstances which warrant the appointment, the courses to be taught by the appointee, etc. Recommendations submitted are reviewed in the Provost’s Office. Retroactive appointments are considered only in unusual circumstances; a person without a valid teaching appointment should not commence teaching responsibilities without approval of the Provost.

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When a department or school proposes the appointment, reappointment, or promotion of a salaried Lecturer or Senior Lecturer, the dean and department chair must be especially concerned with a careful evaluation of the department’s or school’s programmatic need for the position. The recommendation should include a brief statement outlining the programmatic reasons which warrant the appointment and describing the specific role that the candidate is expected to fill. 
Academic Staff-Teaching are considered full-time when they work for 3 consecutive quarters (i.e., autumn, winter, spring) or 2 semesters with pay at 100% time in each quarter or semester. In this case, they are appointed from September 1 through August 31. Percentages of full time (e.g., 75%, 50%) for appointments which are made for the year are determined by the average percentage of time the Academic Staff-Teaching member works during autumn, winter, and spring quarters.
To hire a person from another country is a significant action, and the responsibility undertaken should be fully understood. The limitations and procedures pertaining to immigrant visas should be reviewed before an offer of long-term employment is made to a non-United States citizen, whether now residing abroad or in the United States on a nonimigrant visa.