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6.1.3 Additional Comments on Continuing Term Appointments

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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A Senior Lecturer on continuing appointment is subject to termination for just cause, for lack of satisfactory performance, or for programmatic reasons (including budgetary considerations). Although a department or school may foresee a continuing programmatic need at the time of appointment or promotion to Senior Lecturer, that need may change. For example, the department or school may decide to phase out a particular area altogether. Or an area may simply be phased down, necessitating a decrease in the teaching staff. Alternately, a department or school may have had a small program in a specific field, with a few courses taught by a Senior Lecturer but no graduate training in the field. The decision might be made to build up the area into a graduate program or in other ways which would necessitate the appointment of faculty members rather than teaching staff. Appointment as a Senior Lecturer on a continuing appointment is, thus, not tenured. Rather, it is always subject to continuing programmatic need and satisfactory performance.