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6.1.1 Lecturer Appointments

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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The title of Lecturer is used for individuals who perform a significant amount of the regular instruction with continuing programmatic need in departments and programs; for persons of special expertise or scholarly distinction either in the local community or on the non-teaching University staff who are asked on an occasional basis to give a course or part of a course in their special fields; and for individuals who are employed to meet specific departmental needs created by faculty leaves or unanticipated student load. In all of the above cases, the needed courses will be well-defined and the goals will be established by the faculty of the department or program.

Lecturers who serve in positions for which continuing programmatic need exists teach under supervision by or with guidance from one or more faculty members and/or Senior Lecturers. Faculty members in departments and programs are responsible for defining the intellectual goals of the program at the time the Lecturer position is requested and for continuing supervision and review/revision of goals.

Lecturer appointments are expected to be full-time to the extent possible, except that some part-time positions provide the flexibility needed to accommodate enrollment variation, and some other needs are only part-time in nature.

Initial appointments of Lecturers at 50 percent time or more are generally expected to be for one-year terms, and should be no more than two-year terms, with the possibility of reappointment after a review by the faculty and Senior Lecturer(s) responsible for the program for a term not to exceed five years of total service at 50 percent time or more. During the fifth year of employment at 50 percent time or more, Lecturers may be reviewed for possible reappointment to an additional five year term or, in those cases in which the needs of the program meet the criteria, for possible promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer by a review committee of no more than six members, at least three of whom are Academic Council members. There is no limit on the number of five-year reappointments a Lecturer may be granted as long as there is an outstanding teaching record and continued programmatic need.

Lecturers should have annual conferences with department chairs or their designees to discuss their performance and department expectations.

Lecturers in positions of continuing programmatic need should be integrated into the governance of their departments, although they do not have Academic Council membership. Departments should not expect Lecturers to take on departmental administration and advisory roles beyond those associated with the specific programmatic need for which they were appointed.