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6. Appointments Policies and Procedures for Academic Staff-Teaching

At Stanford, the non-professorial academic staff is composed of the Academic Staff-Teaching (persons holding the titles Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Artist-in-Residence) and the Academic Staff-Research (persons holding the titles Research Associate, Senior Research Scientist, Senior Research Engineer, and Senior Research Scholar). For policies and guidelines pertaining to the Academic Staff-Research, see the Research Policy Handbook 9.1

The following policies and guidelines pertain to the Academic Staff-Teaching. They shall be subject to revision by the Provost from time to time. Requests for exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the Provost’s Office. 

All individuals who teach a course for credit at Stanford University must have a professorial appointment or an Academic Staff-Teaching or Other Teaching Staff appointment approved for the quarter or term in which the course is offered. This policy applies to other Stanford employees, such as administrators, who engage in teaching activities. For information about Other Teaching Staff appointments, see Chapter 9 of this handbook.

Individuals appointed as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Artist-in-Residence are not members of the Academic Council; they are, therefore, not normally eligible to act as principal investigators on sponsored research projects. (See the Research Policy Handbook 2.4 for information about principal investigatorship.) Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and Artists-in-Residence are not eligible to take sabbatical leaves. Although they may apply as candidates for open faculty posts, they are not on a tenure line.