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5.1 Compensation

Handbook Pages

All faculty salaries must be approved by the Dean of the School and the Provost before the salary is communicated to the faculty member. Additionally, salaries above a threshold set by the Board of Trustees must be approved by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees. Salary changes, including certain types of supplementary compensation and salary during a leave of absence, require the same authorization and review process. Salary increases for a new academic year are effective on September 1st.
Stanford paydays are the seventh and twenty-second of each month or the nearest preceding working day if the payday falls on a weekend or holiday. Most faculty members choose to have their paychecks deposited directly into their bank accounts. Arrangements for direct-deposit may be made with the Payroll Office; on paydays a statement of earnings and deductions is sent online rather than a paper statement. For those faculty who do not elect direct-deposit, checks will be delivered to their primary department. 
As members of the University’s academic community, faculty are expected to participate in a variety of Stanford activities and services without additional compensation. For example, additional compensation is not warranted for committee service or occasional service outside of the faculty member’s school or department that does not require a significant time commitment. However, additional  compensation may be appropriate  for significant contributions to special programs or activities which serve school or University needs.