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4.4.7 Applicability Provision

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
Formerly Known As Policy Number: 

(1) Any person already holding an academic appointment in the University whose non-tenure status could be extended by this Statement must be seriously considered for tenure at the time the person would have been considered had this Statement not been adopted. If the person is not at that time granted tenure but his or her employment is continued, he or she is entitled to be considered again at the conclusion of the longer period permitted by this Statement.

(2) Periods of instructorship served prior to September 1, 1967, shall not count toward the acquisition of tenure.

(3) Each Dean will be notified when this Statement has become effective and must inform each member of the school of his or her tenure and appointment status as of September 1, 1967, giving continuing recognition to any prior agreements. Any person who disagrees with this status report must raise the matter with the Dean in writing two months after being so informed.

(4) The Provisions of Section 4.4.3(4), notwithstanding, persons holding the positions of Associate Professor of Clinical (Subject), Senior Lecturer, Senior Research Associate, Senior Scientist, and the like, terminating on or after September 1, 1974, and who are members of the Academic Council, shall continue their membership for the duration of their current appointment and shall be Adjunct Professors of (Subject), or, in the case of Associate Professors of Clinical (Subject), Professors of Clinical (Subject), for the duration.

(5) The provision of Section 4.4.4(1), regarding calculation of years of service toward tenure by part-time appointment shall apply at the appointee’s option to persons holding part-time appointments as Assistant Professor or Associate Professor either (a) only for time accrued commencing September 1, 1974, or (b) for all previous part-time service at these ranks not exceeding nine years.

(6) The provision of Section 4.4.5(1), shall apply to notification of members of the faculty holding appointments terminating on or after August 31, 1976. Members of the faculty whose appointments expire prior to August 31, 1976, shall be given notice of non-renewal by March 15, where the appointment is a renewable appointment for one year and by December 1 of the final academic year of the term where the appointment is a renewable appointment for more than one year. Failure to give timely notice of non-renewal shall entitle the individual to a special reappointment for an additional terminal year, but such additional appointment for a terminal year, if granted, shall not count toward acquisition of tenure by length of service under Section 4.4.4(1).