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3.5.6 Childcare Leave Policy

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
Formerly Known As Policy Number: 

Any faculty member, male or female, who becomes a parent whether by birth or adoption, may request a leave without salary of up to one year, at full or part-time, for the purpose of caring for the child. For a faculty member who gives birth, such a leave could be in addition to pregnancy disability leave; for all parents such leave should be in addition to a period of reduced teaching and clinical duties. Requests for childcare leave are subject to the normal approval process, but department Chairs and Deans are urged to give priority to such requests. Once again, faculty members may not use accrued sabbatical leave for childcare leave.

A faculty member on full leave without salary must pay the University’s portion of the monthly benefits premium in addition to his/her own premium to insure continuous insurance coverage. For faculty members on partial leave, the University’s contribution may continue, depending on the percent time of the leave. Those on leave less than 50% time are responsible for the entire cost of insurance premiums. Those on leave at 25% to 50% of full time receive a partial University contribution, and those on leave less than 25% time receive the full usual University contribution.