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3.5.1 Pregnancy Disability Leave

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDL) allows for leave of up to four months of disability leave due to medically certified, pregnancy-related disability. During pregnancy disability leave, the faculty member is expected to apply for disability insurance according to established procedures. (Specific instructions are available at The length of pregnancy disability leave is determined by the faculty member’s physician, who certifies the number of weeks that she is disabled, both before and after delivery. The University will pay the faculty member the difference between her disability benefit and her full academic base salary while she is on disability due to pregnancy. Department Chairs and Deans are expected to routinely approve requests for pregnancy disability leave. Sabbatical leaves are intended for professional development and should not be used for pregnancy-related leave.  In addition, the faculty member is encouraged to contact his or her department Chair or Dean’s Office to address issues pertaining to teaching, research, appointment dates, tenure clock deadline, grant administration and other related issues.