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3.3 Leave Without Salary

A leave without salary is any period of leave that is completely without salary paid by or through Stanford University or its disability benefits program.

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Leaves of absence without salary should be requested on the standard leave request form (Appendix A) for review and approval by the department Chair and Dean of the school.
In making the decision to approve or deny a leave without salary request, consideration will be given to the faculty member’s teaching and other contributions to the educational program of the University, scholarly productivity, number of Ph.D.’s completed under his or her supervision, previous leaves without salary, and any other relevant circumstances.
A faculty member on leave without salary may not take a regular faculty or administrative position at another institution of higher education. However, faculty on leave without salary may accept a visiting professor appointment at another educational institution.
A leave without salary extends a term appointment held by a member of the Professoriate, irrespective of faculty line, by a period equal to the duration of the leave, unless there is advanced written agreement to the contrary.
A leave without salary taken by an untenured Tenure Line faculty member also extends his or her seven year tenure clock. It does not extend the ten year appointment clock deadline. For additional information, see 2.1.4(2) of this handbook.
Periods of partial leave without salary have the same effect as described above, but on a  proportional basis.