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3.2.4 Service Accrual Toward Sabbatical Leave

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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To be counted toward sabbatical leave, full-time service must include a reasonable amount of teaching (which may take a variety of forms) each year at Stanford. (Exceptions to this rule are the faculty at SLAC, members of the Non-Tenure Line (Research) professoriate, and Senior Fellows.) Participation in a Stanford overseas program or in field work that is an integral part of a department’s academic program is considered regular service at Stanford and accrues eligibility toward sabbatical leave. Time spent on leave without salary, extended absences for reason such as illness, periods of pure research (as defined in Section 2.1.4(2)c, and full-time non-teaching service are normally excluded in calculating sabbatical eligibility.

Faculty on a quarterly calendar may accrue sabbatical eligibility during a maximum of 3 quarters in 1 year. A fourth quarter of teaching or sponsored research does not add sabbatical eligibility.

Faculty on a 12 month calendar may accrue sabbatical eligibility during a maximum of 12 months per year.

Sabbatical leave may be accrued on a pro rata basis by regular part-time service at 50% time or more, under the same conditions of eligibility as applied to full-time service.

Service as Assistant Professor (Subject to Ph.D.) may be accrued toward sabbatical leave if the individual is subsequently appointed to an eligible rank, provided that the appointments are contiguous.

Effective 1/1/96, the maximum service toward sabbatical that a faculty member may accrue is 36 quarters (24 semesters, 12 years).A sabbatical cap of less than 36 will apply on a pro rata basis if the individual's appointment is less than 100% FTE. 

It is not necessary to obtain Provostial approval for accrual of any amount up to the maximum. Accrual beyond this maximum is normally not permitted.