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3.2.2 Sabbatical Leave Request

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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Sabbatical leave is not automatic. It is granted by the school Dean following approval of a leave request proposal by the department Chair(s). In the case of joint/secondary appointments, faculty must take sabbatical leave from all ( primary, joint, secondary) departments, schools and designated institutes. Sabbatical leaves must be approved by all departments, schools and designated institutes. The leave request form is provided in Appendix A.

The application for leave includes a description of arrangements to cover the faculty member’s instructional responsibilities, supervision of his or her dissertation students and advisees, and other administrative duties for which he or she is responsible. In addition, the application must fully describe activity planned for the leave period. If the individual expects to receive income during the sabbatical period to supplement his or her sabbatical salary, a description of the activities generating such income, and the anticipated amounts, should be included (except for consulting activities performed in accordance with Stanford’s consulting policy). Substantial changes in leave plans or supplemental income require approval by the department Chair and Dean.

The University compensation associated with a sabbatical leave is intended to make it financially possible for a faculty member to carry out his or her leave program. Projected outside earnings may be taken into account in the decision to grant sabbatical leave and in setting the percentage of salary to be received from the University. Total compensation during a sabbatical leave should not normally exceed the faculty member’s full-time Stanford base salary for the leave period.

Faculty on sabbatical continue to be eligible for health and welfare benefits coverage and receive the full university contribution for such coverage.