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3.1 General Policies Applicable to Leaves and Other Absences From Campus

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It is University policy to place limitations on the granting of leaves. When considering a faculty member’s leave request, the department Chair and school Dean should determine whether the following two limitations have been satisfied:
Faculty members do not accrue vacation leave or sick leave. However, short absences for personal business, illness, jury duty, military duty, and similarly limited absences normally are with full salary. It is expected that when scheduling periods of personal time off, one's academic responsibilities are taken into consideration and continue to be fulfilled. The department Chair should be notified in advance of any absence of a faculty member on active duty that may affect class, laboratory, research, or other University commitments, including graduate student supervision.
As noted above, in the granting or denying of leaves is generally at the discretion of the department Chairs and school Deans. Schools have different policies and practices with regard to sabbatical leaves and other leaves of absence. To the extent that these may be at variance with University-wide policy, advance approval must be obtained from the Provost by the department Chair and the school Dean. Exceptions to the University’s leave policies may be approved by the Provost, at the Provost's discretion.