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2.7.8 Close Relatives of the Faculty

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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It is the policy of Stanford University to seek for its faculty the best possible teachers and scholars who are judged to be so in a national or international search preceding each appointment. There are no bars to the appointment of close relatives or domestic partners to the faculty (or staff) in the same or different department, so long as each meets the relevant standard for appointment. (See University Administrative Guide Memo 22.1.2.c, on-line at

No faculty member, department chair, dean, or other administrative officer shall vote, make recommendations, or in any other way participate in the decision of any matter which may directly affect the appointment, reappointment, tenure, promotion, salary, or other status or interest of a close relative or domestic partner, nor shall he or she supervise a close relative or domestic partner.