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2.7.6 Confidentiality

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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The entire appointment, reappointment, or promotion proceedings during which specific candidates are discussed are to be held in strict confidence by all participants. It is Stanford’s policy to protect vigorously the sources of information and evaluations used in these proceedings. The opinions expressed by the school or department faculty or by internal or external referees or reviewers shall not be discussed with the candidate or with other parties, except when necessary for University review of the process. The Dean or the Chair of the department (or his or her designee) shall convey whatever information needs to be transmitted to the candidate. A breach of confidence by a participant in an appointment, reappointment, or promotion case is a serious breach of professional ethics and may subject the individual to discipline, among other consequences.

The University takes extensive measures to protect the privacy of the candidate by preserving the confidentiality of the information it receives regarding the candidate. The University also expects that candidates will similarly respect the confidentiality of the process. Candidates should not request or seek to discover confidential information from individuals within or outside the University who may be involved in the review process, either while the process is underway or after it has concluded. Any questions regarding the process, its timing, or its eventual outcome, should be discussed with the department Chair or Dean.