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2.7.5 Review of Recommendations for Appointment, Reappointment or Promotion

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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2.7.5(1)  Review by the Provost

Recommendations in general are made by the Dean and then forwarded to the Provost for his or her review. Recommendations are reviewed by the Provost in consultation with University officers and members of the Provost’s staff. This step in the review process in general is intended to evaluate and confirm the school’s judgment: that the recommended action is a suitable one; that there has been (where appropriate) a satisfactory comparative search; that the documentation is complete; and that prescribed procedures have been followed. The Provost can obtain additional information to help assess the action. He or she can then make a favorable recommendation, a negative recommendation, or remand the case to the department or school for further information or consideration.

2.7.5(2)  Review by the Advisory Board

If the Provost’s view is favorable, the next step in the process (in general) is for the Provost to submit the case to the Advisory Board of the Academic Council for its review. The powers and functions of the Advisory Board are described in the Articles of Organization of the Academic Council. The Advisory Board normally assigns at least two, and sometimes more, of its members to read each file. The case is reviewed for adherence to procedural requirements, completeness of documentation, conformance with academic standards, and suitability. Occasionally, the Advisory Board may request additional information before voting on a recommendation or may table the matter for review by each member of the Board. After considering any issues raised by the assigned readers, the Advisory Board votes on the proposed action.

The Provost may also ask the Advisory Board for informal advice on a file, in which case no vote is taken until the case is submitted formally by the Provost to the Advisory Board.

At the end of each Advisory Board meeting, the members report to the Provost and request additional follow-up, as necessary. Because the Advisory Board advises the President, the list of recommendations approved by the Advisory Board is forwarded by the Advisory Board Chair to the President for his or her final review and approval. A list of recommendations not approved by the Advisory Board is forwarded by the Chair to the President for his or her further consideration.

2.7.5(3)  Review by the President

The President, who makes the final decision, can choose to accept or not accept the recommendation by the Advisory Board. The President can obtain additional information on the file. He or she can make a favorable decision, a negative decision, or remand the case to the department or school for further information or consideration. Approved actions are incorporated into the President’s Report to the Board of Trustees.

2.7.5(4)  Announcement

Official notification of a successful appointment, reappointment, or promotion is contained in a letter from the Provost to the candidate. Deans, department chairs, and faculty members are often under pressure to offer assurances before the President renders his final decision, but this pressure should be resisted. Candidates should be generally informed of the University’s procedures and schedule for consideration of recommendations. Deans and department chairs, however, may report to the candidate in general terms on progress of the recommendation through the various stages and may indicate when final action may be expected.

2.7.5(5)  Effective Date

The normal term of appointment commences on September 1 and, unless without limit of time or for a continuing term, ends August 31. However, appointments may be made effective on the first of the month following final approval by the President. The Provost is unlikely to consider retroactive appointments.