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2.7.4 Transitions Between Faculty Lines

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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Recommendations resulting in transitions between faculty lines are considered new appointments and occur infrequently. If a full search is not conducted, a search waiver is required. The appointment file should contain information that distinguishes the faculty member’s current and future roles and responsibilities; in particular, it should explain the necessity for the proposed appointment. Assertions that the candidate deserves the recommended appointment for meritorious service or time in rank are not sufficient justifications, since they do not show that the person is the best available candidate for the new position.

Persons who hold or have held acting or visiting titles at Stanford or who have been at the University in other capacities occasionally become candidates for regular professorial appointments. The search committee is obliged to assemble evidence concerning candidates having prior association with the University in the same manner as for external candidates; this obligation should be made clear to candidates who hold or have held Stanford appointments.