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2.6.4 Part-time Appointments

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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University policy allows appointment of faculty members at any rank on a part-time basis, although such appointments are in general discouraged because a large number of part-time appointments within any one department could weaken its academic program. The University does look favorably, however, upon family-related needs as a possible justification for granting temporary reductions from full-time to part-time status, such as when the part-time status is expected to exceed the limit of permitted leave.

2.6.4(1)  Criteria for Appointments

The criteria relating to full-time appointments, reappointments and promotions likewise apply to part-time appointments, reappointments and promotions.

2.6.4(2)  Tenure Clock

Individuals appointed at part-time to a Tenure Line untenured appointment in general accrue time toward the acquisition of tenure on a prorated basis as set out in Section 2.1.4(2)c of this chapter.

2.6.4(3)  Responsibilities

Those holding part-time appointments are expected, consistent with any policies established in individual schools, to participate as full colleagues making proportional contributions to the life of the department or school, including service on committees and advising of students. An appointment of fifty percent time or more is usually necessary if the faculty member is to contribute to the academic program in the manner described above. Although this is an operational guideline rather than an absolute limit, recommendations for appointment at less than fifty percent time are to indicate the circumstances requiring an exception to this guideline, the expected duration of such an exception, and whether the faculty member has been informed of the impact on benefits eligibility, the tenure clock, and sabbatical accrual.

2.6.4(4)  Increasing Percentage of Time

The security of an appointment or tenure for part-time service applies only to the specific fraction stated in the most recently approved appointment action. If the appointment is for less than full-time, increasing the fraction of time to which the security of appointment applies requires the submission of a recommendation for reappointment at the newly proposed level of service. It is possible, of course, to increase the percentage of time actually served for short periods of time above the level specified on the appointment form, in which case supplementary pay would support the additional level of service (just as full-time appointees receive supplementary pay for fourth-quarter service).

2.6.4(5)  Accrual of Sabbatical Eligibility

Sabbatical eligibility is accrued by those holding a part-time appointment on a prorated basis as set out in Section 3.2.4 of Chapter 3.