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2.6.1 “Subject to Ph.D.” Appointments

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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Individuals may be appointed to the Tenure Line rank of Assistant Professor with a “Subject to Ph.D.” contingency. Appointment with this designation provides notice that the offer of appointment as a Tenure Line Assistant Professor is made as a result of the standard search and review process and depends upon the candidate’s successful completion of the terminal degree requirements. Although the individual may carry out many of the responsibilities and duties of a regular Assistant Professor, the individual is not a member of the Academic Council while this contingency exists; therefore he or she is eligible to serve as principal investigator only by exception. Individuals holding appointments “Subject to Ph.D.” do not accrue time toward tenure by length of service.

If an individual is being recommended for an Assistant Professorship in the Tenure Line with the contingency “Subject to Ph.D.,” that qualification must be included in the title designation on the professorial recommendation form. The “Subject to Ph.D.” designation may be removed upon receipt of official confirmation from the dean or registrar at the individual’s university stating that all requirements for the Ph.D. have been completed and the degree has been granted. The school in which the individual is appointed must prepare a Recommendation for Amendment of Professorial Appointment form (Appendix C), and supply the confirming documentation. Upon approval by the Provost, the Assistant Professor’s appointment begins.