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2.5.3 Circumstances That MAY Extend Appointments In The Non-Tenure Line, The Medical Center Line And For Senior Fellows

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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Part -Time Appointments: In the event a full time appointment is converted to a part-time appointment, the part-time appointment may be extended on a prorated basis.

Leave Without Salary: Any period of leave from service (including childcare leave and Family Medical Care Leave) that is completely without salary extends the appointment for the duration of the authorized leave unless there is advance written agreement by the Provost to the contrary. Periods of partial leave without salary extend the appointment on a proportional basis.

New Parent Extension: A faculty member who becomes a parent, by birth or adoption, is entitled to a one-year extension of his or her appointment. The extension of the appointment is not tied to the number of weeks the faculty member is on pregnancy disability leave, whether he or she requested a reduced teaching or clinical load (see Section 3.5.2), or whether he or she subsequently takes a leave without salary for childcare purposes. The extension applies even if a faculty member becomes a parent during an off-duty quarter (such as summer quarter) and returns immediately to his or her regular work load.

To initiate the extension process, the faculty member must submit the form found at to his or her Department Chair or to the School Dean’s Office for Schools without departments. If a request is submitted during the final year of the faculty member’s appointment, the request must be submitted prior to the commencement of the faculty member’s reappointment or promotion review. The reappointment or promotion review commences when the department chair or dean informs the candidate in writing that the review process has commenced. The School will then advise the Provost’s Office through the submission of a Recommendation for Amendment of Professorial Appointment form (Appendix C) and provide revised appointment clock calculation for the faculty member.

Childcare Leave: Childcare leave is leave without salary that may be taken by any faculty members, male or female, who becomes a parent by birth or adoption, and it does extend the appointment.

Other Personal Circumstances: Short term disability and pregnancy disability do not extend the appointment, as the faculty member is relieved from duties for a relatively short period of time. However, in cases of extended leaves without service, such as long-term disability or other similar personal circumstances that significantly disrupt teaching and scholarly activities for an extended period, faculty should contact their Dean’s Office to explore potential extensions of their appointments through a Provostially-granted exception.