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2.5 Extending Term Appointments

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See Sections 2.1.4(2) and 2.1.5 for circumstances that may extend the seven year tenure clock deadline and the ten year appointment clock deadline for Tenure Line appointments, and the process for extending appointments in those circumstances.
Pregnancy Disability Leave: Pregnancy Disability leave is short-term pregnancy disability leave for the period of time before and after childbirth during which a faculty member is relieved of all normal University responsibilities. Pregnancy disability leave does not extend the appointment. See Chapter 3, Sections 3.5.1 and 3.5.3 for more information about pregnancy disability leave and childcare leave. Short Term Disability Leave: Short term disability leave does not extend the appointment.
Part -Time Appointments: In the event a full time appointment is converted to a part-time appointment, the part-time appointment may be extended on a prorated basis. Leave Without Salary: Any period of leave from service (including childcare leave and Family Medical Care Leave) that is completely without salary extends the appointment for the duration of the authorized leave unless there is advance written agreement by the Provost to the contrary. Periods of partial leave without salary extend the appointment on a proportional basis.
The existence of the circumstances described above that may extend an appointment does not automatically extend the individual’s appointment. This must be accomplished through the normal processes, with the submission of a Recommendation for Amendment of Professorial Appointment form (Appendix C) by the department and/or school. Recommendations to extend appointment terms under these circumstances will ordinarily be granted.