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2.3.3 Center Fellows

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Friday, September 1, 2017
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The programmatic definition for a Center Fellow appointment is developed by the center or institute director (in consultation with the Senior Fellows), and is subject to review by the cognizant dean. Most Center Fellow appointments are driven by the need for specific expertise relevant to the mission of the policy center or institute. These appointments are specific to a scholarly program and are conditioned on an evaluation of project proposals, as well as by the qualifications of the candidate.

Recommendations for the appointment of individuals to the rank of Center Fellow are made by the director of the designated policy center or institute in consultation with the unit’s Senior Fellows. The cognizant dean conducts the principal review of Center Fellow appointments. This review may involve either an ad hoc review committee appointed for each case or a standing review committee appointed by the Dean. Billet control and prior search authorization are managed by the cognizant dean, subject to review by the Provost. The Provost retains ultimate responsibility for review of Center Fellow appointments and reappointments, and seeks the guidance of the Advisory Board as appropriate. Appointments to the rank of Center Fellow are typically for a fixed term of years and may have the possibility of renewal; reappointments are contingent on excellent performance, continued programmatic need and availability of funding. Center Fellows are not appointed to continuing term appointments. 

2.3.3(1)  Joint Appointment as Center Fellow

A member of the Professoriate at any rank may hold a joint appointment as Center Fellow, while holding a primary departmental or school appointment. Such individuals may be appointed to a joint or secondary appointment as a Center Fellow rather than as a Senior Fellow, if such rank is consistent with their intended programmatic role, or if the purpose of the appointment is to carry out a specific scholarly project. An individual appointed in this manner may be a member of the Academic Council Professoriate by virtue of his or her primary academic appointment.

A member of the Professoriate at any rank who holds a joint appointment as Center Fellow holds the title Center Fellow at [Center or Institute] in addition to his or her primary appointment title (e.g., Assistant Professor of [Subject])The criteria for recommending a joint appointment of a member of the Professoriate as a Center Fellow are consistent with those used for joint appointments in an academic department or school: the faculty member’s involvement with the policy center or institute in terms of time, effort, and programmatic need justifies a joint appointment. The Center Fellow appointment may be made at the time of initial appointment.

To appoint an individual who is already a member of the Professoriate, an Amendment of Professorial Appointment form (Appendix C) must be submitted for review and approval to the Provost; the form must describe the basis for the changed status and the expected duration of the appointment, and contain signatures of the director of the policy center or institute, the cognizant dean, and the individual’s department Chair and Dean. Salary and other support for the Center Fellow will be shared between the academic department or school and the institute.

2.3.3(2)  Center Fellows Appointed Entirely in a Specified Policy Center or Institute

A Center Fellow may be appointed entirely in a designated policy center or institute without a concurrent primary appointment in an academic department or school. An appointment of this type does not confer membership in the Academic Council; therefore, the individual is eligible to serve as principal investigator only by exception.

An individual appointed entirely in the center or institute holds the title Center Fellow at [Center or Institute]. Appointment criteria and procedures are generally consistent with those used for appointment to the regular faculty. However, since Center Fellows are not Academic Council members and since they are appointed on the basis of specified programs of research, exact comparability is neither possible nor desirable.