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2.1 Academic Council Professoriate: The Tenure Line

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All members of the Tenure Line faculty are members of the Academic Council of the University. (See Section 1.2.6)
The Tenure Line ranks are: Assistant Professor  Associate Professor Professor Persons appointed to any of the above-designated ranks, at either full or part-time, are in the Tenure Line, unless specified to the contrary in the appointment papers and in writing to the individual. Individuals may also be appointed in the Tenure Line as an Assistant Professor with a “Subject to Ph.D.” contingency. (See Section 2.6.1)
Tenure Line appointments are made either for a term of years or “without limit of time” (which is commonly referred to as “with tenure”). The total length of time spent in untenured term appointments in the Tenure Line at any rank may not exceed seven years, except in specified circumstances described in the guidelines below. The usual duration of an appointment (subject to relatively rare exceptions granted by the Provost for good cause and on a case-by-case basis) for each rank is: Rank
According to the Statement on Appointment and Tenure (see Chapter 4 of this handbook), tenure is defined as security of appointment which continues to the date of academic retirement. Tenure Line appointments (including reappointments and promotions) that are “without limit of time” carry tenure. Tenure may also be acquired by length of service.
The circumstances described above (that extend a seven year tenure clock or a ten year appointment clock deadline) do not automatically extend the individual’s appointment term. This must be accomplished through the normal processes, with the submission of a Recommendation for Amendment of Professorial Appointment form (Appendix C) by the department and/or school. Such extensions of appointment terms under these circumstances will ordinarily be granted.