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2. Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions in the Professoriate

Revised Chapter 2 sets forth the faculty lines, appointment ranks, terms of appointment, and operational policies and procedures for appointments, reappointments and promotions in the Stanford University Professoriate, as defined in Section 1.2.5 of this handbook to include the Tenure Line, the Non-Tenure Line, Senior Fellows and Center Fellows at designated policy institutes, and the Medical Center Line. The Statement on Appointment and Tenure, which provides the historical foundations for many of these provisions, is located in Chapter 4 (“Core Policy Statements”) of this handbook.

The criteria for professorial appointments, reappointments and promotions are found in the appointment forms in Appendix B to this handbook, along with other guidelines relevant to these processes. Note that various schools may have school-designated policies and practices that must be followed, and those carrying out search and review processes are urged to consult their Dean’s offices for the pertinent information.