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1.2.2 The President

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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The Founding Grant prescribes that the Board of Trustees shall appoint the President of the University and that the Board shall give to the President the following powers:

• To prescribe the duties of the professors and teachers;
• To prescribe and enforce the course of study and the mode and manner of teaching;
• Such other powers as will enable the President to control the educational part of the University to such an extent that the President may justly be held responsible for the course of study therein and for the good conduct and capacity of the professors and teachers.

The Board of Trustees has delegated certain additional powers to the President. The President is responsible for the management of financial and business affairs of the University, including operation of the physical plant.

In the inability of the person appointed President to act as President, the Provost shall be Acting President.