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1.2.12 Other Teaching Titles

Last updated on:
Friday, September 1, 2017
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Instruction is also performed by staff or volunteers with Other teaching titles. There are significant variations in the circumstances under which individuals qualify for and secure appointments to these positions. Outside of the School of Medicine, other teaching positions are limited to the following:

Acting Assistant Professor
Acting Associate Professor
Acting Professor

Visiting Assistant Professor 
Visiting Associate Professor 
Visiting Professor

Consulting Assistant Professor 
Consulting Associate Professor 
Consulting Professor

Assistant Professor (By courtesy) 
Associate Professor (By courtesy) 
Professor (By courtesy)

Professor of the Practice

Teaching Specialist

See for information regarding other teaching titles in the School of Medicine.

All individuals who teach a course for credit at Stanford University in a staff or volunteer position must have a professorial appointment, an Academic Staff (Teaching) appointment, or an Other Teaching Staff appointment approved for the quarter or term in which the course is offered. Individuals appointed as Academic Staff (Teaching) or as Other Teaching Staff are not members of the professoriate or the Academic Council.