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1.1.5 The Students

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Friday, September 1, 2017
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Four hundred sixty-five students, 20 graduate students among them, were registered when the dedication ceremonies were held on the Inner Quad in October 1891. Total enrollment topped a thousand by the fourth year, and reached 2,200 in 1915, including 343 graduate students. The post-World War II surge brought 5,347 undergraduates and 2,970 graduates to the campus by 1948. Currently, about 6,700 undergraduate and 8,100 graduate students are enrolled.

The Founding Grant established Stanford as a coeducational institution. Mrs. Stanford set a limit of 500 women in 1899, but this figure became unrealistic, and in 1933 the Trustees decided to maintain substantially the same proportion between men and women as existed in 1899. In 1973, following court approval of a change in The Founding Grant, all numerical limitations on the admission of women were removed.